Road Retrievals

n 2009, NETS WA was the very fortunate recipient of a Telethon grant. The funds were used to purchase a state-of-the art, dedicated neonatal ambulance and 2 new transport cots. Logotype-Telethon-08In addition, an agreement was reached with St John Ambulance to provide dedicated, on-site drivers for this vehicle. This has led to significantly improved response times for road retrievals.St John ambulance continue to provide their own vehicles & drivers when the Telethon ambulance is already out on a retrieval.PCH foundation logo

This year, to coincide with the opening of the new Children’s Hospital, a second dedicated NETS ambulance was donated by the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.

The Bluey Day ambulance, which was donated to NETS in 2005, is now primarily used as a back-transfer vehicle.