How to refer

NETS WA primarily retrieves neonates from their hospital of birth. The criteria for NETS retrieval are as follows:

Please refer to the NETS WA Operational Guidelines.

Any health care professional, including doctors, nurses and midwives can call NETS. To arrange a neonatal retrieval or to seek advice from a consultant neonatologist, simply call our 24/7 hotline: 1300 NETS WA (1300 6387 92.) This number is connected to a call-conferencing system. Our registrar will take preliminary details from you & will then patch the on-call NETS Fellow & Consultant into the conference to provide advice & to arrange the retrieval. Please note that these calls are recorded.

In order to provide you with the best possible service, a fair amount of patient information is required from you; a copy of our call sheet can be found here.

Please also complete an MR810 Neonatal Transfer Form. This will be collected by the NETS team on arrival at your hospital.

How long will it take for the NETS team to arrive?

This is dependent on how sick the baby is & whether other transports are occurring at the same time. Generally speaking, for road retrievals, we will depart from the NETS base within 20-30 minutes of receiving a call, but will leave immediately for priority 1 calls. For air retrievals, much depends on the availability of RFDS aircraft at the time, but urgent neonatal retrievals are usually given high priority. In cases where flight conditions are poor, we will sometimes undertake a country retrieval by road.

While awaiting the NETS team, our on-call Consultants & Fellows are available at any time to give telephonic advice. Simply call the 24/7 hotline, 1300 NETS WA (1300 6387 92.)